Finished Manuscripts:

Dragon Boy – Danny has an Anger Management problem. Pay no attention to bones in little black piles. School is no place for a Dragon.  He’s working on it.

Ogleby the Impatient Egg – Ogleby wants egg-citment and rolls off to find it.  Adventure is not all it’s cracked up to be, but he discovers he is an X-trodinary egg.

Humptown Tale – Jamal is a one hump camel in a two hump town.  He has no chance of joining the Camel Corps – until a wolf scares everyone else away and takes Jamal for a ride.

Three Foolish Monkeys – No one in the jungle likes, Gossip, Snoop and Tattle, so they decide to mend their ways. But these foolish monkeys do not understand moderation.  By covering their eyes, ears and mouth, they can mind their own business, but they don’t notice Tiger in time!

Where Oh Where is Cora Jane? – She was here just a minute ago… And now, she’s gone again.
Skipping round the corner. Screaming down the hill. HopScotch, Hula Hoop, running after Bill.

Swamp Dreams –  Old Joe is old- more than 200 years old.  An Alligator can put up with a lot, if he has a good imagination.  Alligators can fly!