Early Readers/ Easy Chapter Books

The Prince and Dragon – Prince John Juan has to mind his manners. Dragons do not have manners. But The Prince and Dragon become the best of friends –even when Dragon smells of Oil of Monkey. The Prince is scared of Princesses, but Princess Emily is different. She loves to fly dragons and can beat him at chess. Jumping off cliffs, setting fires, learning to burp, baking cakes, arguing and making up, these are stories of a great friendship. Beginning Reader story collection.

Fo and Doe – Foliot, an exchange student/squid from the planet Silamee, finds Earth confusing and alien. Doe, the daughter of his Earth family, is happy to show Fo around. Most of their adventures do not go as planned. This is a story about an unlikely friendship and acceptance. Earth is a strange place and Fo is not a monster. Early Reader- Beginning Chapter Book

Attack of the Black Mamba – Black Mambas are deadly. A boy imagines how he could survive a Black Mamba bite. What if he had rockets in his shoes to get to the hospital? Or a time machine to return to breakfast! What if he was the son of the President? This is a silly, exaggerated, 600-word edgy/ graphic/ Easy Reader aimed at slightly warped reluctant reader boys. Dummy and sample illustrations.