YA -Historical Fiction


Edda Blue Eyes

Edda had heard the whispering at Yule. “The Old Gods will have their revenge.” Nothing but bitter old women, too creaky to dance, their tongues finding a bright side to misery. Or so she hoped…

By the year 1328 AD, the Norse of Greenland have converted to Christianity and settled to become farmers and traders. But the Norse colonies are in trouble. Though life in this land of the long winter and midnight sun has always been precarious, the climate is changing, getting colder and colder. People are starving as the ice creeps closer. Should they pray and endure or leave? Then, the native Skraeling move into the fjord.

Edda has never had to make many decisions, but this season she must face love and faith, life and death. When her sister takes ill, Edda prays to the Old Gods. Her Christian mother worries for her soul. Her father lives in hope that things will get better. Her brother, Kell dreams of adventure over drudgery and possible famine. And Edda? While her world struggles to adapt, Edda faces her own guilt over her sister’s death and has to decide what she wants and who she can trust. Change is coming and 14 year old Edda’s world will never be the same. The sooner she realizes it, the better her chance for survival.

Work in Progress – winner of Literary Arts Fellowship