Silly Things

La, La, La…

True Confessions – weird details – silly stories:

I was a booAlicek nerd. For years, my favorite book was an annotated Alice in Wonderland – which is a version that has notes that explain all the details of the story. My senior year in high school, I wrote an English paper on “Psychological Interpretations of Alice in Wonderland.” And…. for my final Art project, I made a 4 1/2 foot paper mache Alice – which looked remarkably like my younger sister. Alice is still with me – though now very brittle. My sister says it still gives her the creeps.

My first real job was at a place called Trout Valley. It was a private campground with lakes that were stocked with trout. People came to camp and fish. I was 19. I sat in a trailer, checked people in, assigned them campsites and took their money. The manager’s name was Chet. He drove a white Cadillac and called me the “Broad in the Office”. When things were slow, Chet would sit on the steps of the trailer, pull out a gun and shoot chipmunks. I did not stay long.

I’ve been to every State in the USA and that does not just mean airports. I’ve kayaked in Alaska, swam with manatee’s in Florida, lived on a dairy farm in Wisconsin, canoed in Maine, kept bees in Vermont, slept in a cow pasture in California, the list goes on…. This is an amazing country, with wonderful people.

I am proof that you are never too old for adventures. Just a few years ago, I was a contestant on a Reality TV show in Norway! Alt for Norge. I even have Norwegian fans. Yes, pretty funny, but also very rewarding. The show was based on genealogy and I found out information about my grandmother that I never knew. If you are really interested, I kept a journal and posted it as a blog: