Barbara Liles, ex-children’s librarian, AKA Ms. Crocodile (rhymes with Liles and smiles), writer, reader and general roust-about – that’s me!  If you are here, then either you have stumbled to this site by accident or you are actually looking for information.

I hope you are looking for me, though I know from Facebook that there are other Barbara Liles’ out there. I am sure they are just as nice and interesting and, perhaps, have their own websites.
I have to admit that I have avoided having a website for years, opting for blogs instead, which I then studiously ignored for months…years. But I am finally consolidating and facing the inevitable need for a web presence. (I will still avoid Twitter, Tumbler and Linkedin… there are limits.)
So welcome! I will try to make this as painless as possible. No fluff or bells or whistles, as if I could figure out how to do them anyway. If we ever meet in person, I hope you will already feel as if you know me.  That’s what words can do.