I tend to avoid labels, but here are some I have answered to:

Artist, hippie housewife, teacher, mentor, mother, daughter, wife.

Reader, writer, painter, poet, scribe.

Houseflipper, “handy” woman, “hot and cold” curmudgeon. The list is long.

I received my B.A from Evergreen State/Vermont College and have an M.Ed from the University of Vermont. My favorite paying job was as a Children’s Librarian – a role which celebrates knowing a little about everything and being a cheerleader for story. How great is that?

I have been writing for years – a few unpublished novels, multiple children’s books, essays. My work has appeared in Oregon Humanities magazine and the Oregon English Journal. I am currently revising a novel set in Medieval Greenland for which I received an Oregon Literary Arts Fellowship. I recently traveled to Svalbard for research with the Arctic Circle’s Artist and Science Expedition Residency.

Most of my adult life has been spent in the Pacific Northwest, a region blessed with a climate and geology that invites exploration – of which I have not done enough. More rivers, more mountains. I live in Portland Oregon with my husband, dog, and geriatric cat. My latest hobby is creating a Pacific NW Amaro. Bittersweet.

I believe in story. I could go on and on, but that’s as clear as it gets.

We learn, we connect, we laugh , we make meaning from stories.

I can be reached at